Footinsole 2-Layer Air up 2"(5cm) Height Lift Insoles Elevator Shoes Insoles Lift Kit - Heels Inserts (Small) Women


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These elevator shoes insole / height lift insoles / height increase insole / height inserts for shoes / height lifting inserts are the best choice for you , if you are looking to increase your height instantly.
The details of elevator shoes insole / height lift insoles / height increase insole / height inserts for shoes / height lifting inserts are listed below.

  • INCREASED HEIGHT - These incredible foot insoles allow you to increase your height by up to 2” in just a blink. Be it your sports shoes, formal or casual shoes, you can insert these in almost all types and look remarkably taller. The best part is, these elevator heels remain concealed, such that no one ever knows the secret behind your increased height.
  • BREATHABLE DESIGN, IMPROVED COMFORT - The insoles have air cushioned caps which give maximum comfort to your heels and let you feel relaxed all day long. The maximum thickness is also limited to an optimum value just to ensure that it doesn’t make your shoes too tight.
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN - These come in a pair of 2, for left and right foot, and in 2 different options - 1 Layer : 1.4" | 2 Layers : 2" - to let you choose your desired number of layers and height!! The insoles can fit equally well in men’s footwear and can be easily removed when you do not want to use them.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY AND ODOR FREE- The superior quality insoles are made up of a material that feels good on your feet and prevents growth of odor causing bacteria - thus keeping your feet always fresh and odor-free. The insoles can be quickly and easily cleaned to maintain a good level of hygiene.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION - We also offer 100% risk-free satisfaction to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. Not only are we sure that you will fall in love with these comfy height increasing insoles but would recommend these to many of your friends as well. ORDER NOW to take benefits of the promotional rates.

Product Description



• Quantity : 2pcs(1pair / right+left) 

• Material : Polyurethane, Marymash 

• Size : Small( US Women's 5.5~9.5)

• Made in Korea 

[ Description ] 
Have you struggled a lot during the younger age to increase your height but unfortunately couldn’t? Or

Do you struggle wearing those high heel footwears or may be don’t want people to notice that you are using high heels just to look taller? 

We have a perfect solution for you! Get these incredible look-taller foot insoles and increase your height by up to 2" , just effortlessly. 

Our height increasing insoles offer you a number of benefits: 

✔ Instantaneous Increase in height 
✔ Air cushioned caps for comfortable feet 
✔ Helps reduce foot pain 
✔ Helps enhance your performance by reducing fatigue 
✔ Helps absorb shocks and prevent injuries 
✔ Concealed heels ensure that the secret of your height never goes out 
✔ Increased height but not at the expense of discomfort as is usually the case with high heels 
✔ Discourages growth of odor causing bacteria 
✔ Available in different layers, thus different heights 

These can be easily trimmed as well to fit all men's sizes. 

 Our insoles are made up of high quality material that can easily survive daily usage and doesn’t undergo easy wear and tear - durable insoles designed to last longer. 

We also offer 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction to let you buy with confidence. 


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