footinsole 3-layer Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole Lift Kit-6 Cm Heels Inserts 3 Pairs


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About footinsole elevator shoes insole

These elevator shoes insole / height lift insoles / height increase insole / height inserts for shoes / height lifting inserts are the best choice for you , if you are looking to increase your height instantly.

The details of elevator shoes insole / height lift insoles / height increase insole / height inserts for shoes / height lifting inserts are listed below.

Quantity : 3 Pairs / Univeral half shoe insole, can fit for men and womenA set comes with both left and right foot shoe inserts (2 pads on each side top and bottom)Air cushioned cap gives comfortable heelHigher height. Higher pride. You can control height1 Layer : 1.2" / 2 Layers : 1.8" / 3 Layers : 2.5" Please choose your desired Layers !!
• Quantity : 3 Pairs• Material : Polyurethane
• Size : Unisex
• Made in Korea
[ Description ]
• A pair of shoe insoles
• Removable sole lets you choose your required height
• Shock-absorbing! Air cushion protect your knees and ankle
• Higher height. Higher pride. You can control height
• Universal half shoe insole, can fit for men and women
• Invisible, no one will know you’re wearing them
• Appear taller, feel taller and finally be taller

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