Footinsole Dress Shoe Insoles Support Inserts Orthotics Pain Relief Leather Brown


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Footinsole Dress Shoe Insoles Dress-fit Support Inserts Orthotics Pain Relief Leather Brown


• Quantity : 1 pair(right+left)
• Material: Leather and PU foam
• Color: Brown
• Made in Korea

  • Full length insole provides complete heel-to-toe comfort reduces stress on your feet, ankles and knees.
  • Easy-to-follow trimming lines allow the insoles to be freely cut to fit your feet comfortably. Our insoles feature various cutting lines marked on it to cut and fit in according to your shoe size,
  • Reduces friction heat and heat while performing continuous activity, keeping your feet more comfortable and healthier.
  • Insoles are lightweight & with non-slip design, and come in a pair (2 pcs).
  • They feel soft and comfortable, discourage the growth of odour & prove easy to clean.
      • GUARANTEE – We also offer you 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on our shoe lift inserts to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will find these a way better alternative to shoes that make you taller – to some wearing elevator shoes might feel little embarrassing.

Look and feel taller and reap the benefits of an instant height elevation without anyone ever finding out your secret as to how you became half inch taller all of a sudden – get these Air Cushion cut to fit elevator insoles today!

FootInsole Air Soft Heel and Ball of Foot Elevator Insoles

  • No capsules, supplements or exercises – just slide these soft insoles in your shoes and you are tall in no time

  • Instantly increase height  by half an inch while remaining hidden from the sight of others

  • Cut to Fit size – can be cut and fit in almost any shoes sizes

  • Work ideally even for low profile shoes like loafers, slippers & Oxfords

  • Offers excellent Air Cushion under high pressure areas to keep your feet comfortable and relaxed all day long

  • Made with superior quality synthetic foam in Brown that feels great in touch and use with its non greasy and non-slippery design.  

  • Discourages the growth of any odour or bacteria

  • Durable quality that stays with you for a long time

  • Lightweight design that doesn't add any weight to your shoes

  • Come in a pair of 2 pieces


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW & Get this Incredible pair of Air Cushion Elevator Insoles delivered to you in just 3-5 Days!

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