Footinsole Gel Big Toe Separators for Pain Relief-Cushioning-Protection-2 Pcs 1 pair


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Footinsole Gel Big Toe Separators for Pain Relief-Cushioning-Protection-2 Pcs 1 pair

[Product Overview]
• Quantity : 2 Pieces 1 pair(right+left) 
• Material : Silicone Gel
• Color : Invisible
• Size : Free size

[About the product]

    BIG TOE BUNION CORRECTION - Our Gel Toe Spacers are small inserts which can be used between your big toe and neighboring finger to help relieve the pressure & thus the pain at the first metatarsal joint due to deformation of your toe (caused by Bunion which causes the joint to jut out and toe to bend inwards). These gel toe spacers prevent the progression of shape deformation and serve as an effective & QUICK PAIN RELIEF solution. Come in a Medium size set of 4 pieces, i.e. 2 pairs.

      GENTLE REALIGNMENT - These gel toe spacers forces your Big Toes to stay in straight intended position, thus helping them gently realign to the correct position as you would find in a healthy foot anatomy. The straightening due to spacers eliminates unwanted pressure on the big toe joint and helps reduce inflammation & soreness besides pain. It's worth mentioning that even though the pain relief is immediate, the restoration to normal form requires regular use for a longer time .

      SUPERIOR COMFORT & EASY TO CLEAN - Made with high-tech Silica gel material, the spacers themselves are extremely soft, comfortable and do not cause any inconvenience even when used all-day-long inside the shoes. These are also ideal for relieving any pain due to bent toes & overlapping toes beside hallux valgus! Being easily hand-washable with the help of soap and water, they help maintain a high level of personal hygiene.

      UNBEATABLE PERFORMANCE - The hourglass shaped toe separators have an ergonomic design which allows your toes to conveniently secure a spacer in between. These top graded gel toe spacers do not easily lose their cushioning effect or flatten out and continue to ensure their effectiveness for a long time. Moreover, these also discourage growth of any odor causing bacteria.

      100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We offer a 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super amazed at these toe stretchers (toe spacers) for they offer you quick pain relief, comfortable design to use and also the fact that you always have a spare set of toe separators for bunions available at your disposal.

      Are you looking for the best-quality and functionally most effective toe spacers which would help you get quick relief from the Bunion Pain & help in gradual realignment to natural configuration?

      Are you looking for toe spacers for Bunion Relief which would comfortably fit between your toes and would not present an annoyance?

      Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many incredible features and benefits:


      - Help keep your angled toe in straight position and thus eliminate the pain caused by Bunion - angled toe exerts undue strain on the big toe joint and results in inflammation & pain
      - Straight toe also means reduced friction and reduced rubbing - both, between toes & between shoes and the big toe joint
      - Hourglass shape ensures a better fit between the toes - no inconvenience or slipping away every now and then
      - Made up of top-quality silica gel that is extremely soft & comfortable 
      - Superior cushioning that gives manifolds better performance than foam spacers or inferior quality gel spacers
      - Do not flatten out easily & remain effective for way longer
      - Extremely easy to clean & maintain a high level of hygiene
      - Come in a medium size and ideal for wearing inside shoes
      - Package Includes 2 pairs, i.e., a set of 4 toe spacers


      We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. 

      So, why think twice?

      ORDER NOW & Get this Incredible Set of Gel Toe Spacers for a Quick Relief from Bunion Pain & Prevent Progression of Deformity!

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