Footinsole Hammer Toe Crest Pads (4 Pcs) for Effective Toe Arches Support, Pain Relief, Bunion Relief


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[Product Overview]

• Quantity : 2 pair(right+left) 4 Pieces

• Material : Silicone Gel

• Color : Invisible

• Size : Free size

[About the product]


This incredible Toe Support pad slides underneath your toes to fill up the gap formed by hammer toe, claw toe, or mallet toe and supports the arches of the toes effectively, thus relieving pain and keeping you comfortable all day long. 


The natural weight distribution is disturbed because of a hammer, CLAW or mallet toe and this could put unnecessary strain on the tips of your toes, thus resulting in severe pain. This smart toe orthotic cushion reassures even pressure distribution and reduces stress on the toe tips, thus helping you prevent any kind of injury or damage.


Our toe pads or hammer toe cushions are made with silicon which is astonishingly soft and elastic, thus able to support the arch portion of your toes quite effectively. More importantly, unlike pads made of other inferior quality materials it doesn’t bottom out and hence continues to give new-like performance even after long uses. They are also self-adhesive and can be removed easily without any damage to shoes.


The material used is high-grade Silicon that doesn’t result in any allergies, itching or irritation, thus making it comfortable for use even for a long duration. The Mallet Toe Pads come in milky white color and can be cleaned and reused to maintain high level of hygiene.


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super-impressed to find an effective solution to your hammer toe or mallet toe problem and will love yourselves for the decision of buying it.

Are you suffering from hammer toe, claw toe or mallet toe and the pain is becoming unbearable, so much that you aren’t even able to focus on your work?

Do you want to take preventive measures to avoid any serious injury or damage that might occur to your toes due to uneven pressure distribution caused by hammer, mallet or Claw toes?

Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many incredible features and benefits:

- Provides effective support to hammer, mallet or claw toes
- Slides easily under your toes to fill the gap formed by mallet toe
- Supported arches of your toes reduce unwanted stresses on toe tips
- Right support also results in even pressure distribution and thus pain relief
- Made up of soft and Comfortable silicon that doesn’t bottom up like inferior quality toe pads
- Superior grade hypoallergenic material that doesn’t result in any itching, irritation or annoyance
- Eco-friendly Reusable Design – Clean it, dry it and reuse it – gives new-like performance even after long uses
- Discourages growth of any bacteria or Odor 
- Comes in a set of 4 pieces 


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW and get these Toe Orthotic Pads!

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