Footinsole Silicone Shoe Insoles (2 PCS) – Designed for Thong Sandals, Slippers and Flip Flops


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[Product Overview]

• Quantity : 1 pair(2 Pieces)• Material : PU Gel• Size : 1.4 x 1.4 inches

About the Product


    These inserts help relieve pressure on the ball of your foot for more comfortable walking and movement.


    Each non-slip pad reduces pinching, rubbing and chafing between the toes for extended wear.


    Made with premium hypoallergenic PU gel, it won’t hold odors, cause dry or cracked feet, stain, or contribute to athlete’s foot.


    Reusable and environmentally friendly, there’s a small adhesive strip on the bottom to keep them secure while moving.


    A small split in the front of the foot pad helps ensure they fit most thong flip flops, sandals, and open-toe slip-ons.

    Protect your feet and reduce everyday wear and tear with soft, comfortable, silicone toe pads.

    Do you love wearing flip flops and thong sandals, but the balls of your feet hurt by the end of the day? Do you get rubbed raw because your body

    is putting too much forward pressure in between your toes? Then you need Footinsole Silicone Gel Shoe Inserts made specifically for your flip flops!

    Made with premium grade PU gel, these inserts reduce toe strain and pressure so you can move, walk and shift without all the pain.

    Great for all your favorite pairs of shoes, these removable and reusable gel toe guard cushions will have you dancing in your favorite flip flops and sandals in no time.

    Product Details:

    • Advanced PU Silicone Gel
    • Soft, Comfortable Separator
    • Self-Adhesive Bottom
    • Removable and Reusable
    • Won’t Damage Shoe Soles
    • Compatible with Thong Flip Flops, Sandals and Open-Toed Shoes
    • Easy to Clean

    Keep your feet happy and comfortable with silicone toe and foot cushions that protect your feet while you’re walking. Get yours now by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above.

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