Footinsole Best Foot Pain Relief Soft Silicone Sports Gel Insoles, Massage and All Day Long Comfort Ideal Insert Pad for Work, Walking, Running, Heel pain & problem


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• Quantity : 1 pair(right+left)
• Material : Velours Fabric, PU Gel
• Color : Blue
• Size   
   - L size(US Man 8 ~ 13)   
   - M size(US Woman 6 ~ 9)
• Please choose your desired Size !!

About the Product

These insoles are made up of velours fabric and soft PU gel; the Moisture-wicking, highly breathable Velours fabric keeps your feet dry and tireless all day long, and the soft gel provides fantastic cushioning and good shock absorption to your feet. In addition, the gel provides a massaging effect to your feet and improves coziness. Soft gel with good shock absorption, release foot pain and foot pressure

The insoles feature anti-bacterial, anti-slip material to take best care of your feet. The high quality material of the insoles keep your feet comfortable all the time. Unlike other insoles available in the market, these insoles will maintain their shape and provide intended support to your feet for much longer. Sweat absorption and anti-bacterial keep your feet dry and comfortable

These Insoles provide extra arch support to treat pain right at its source and help distribute body weight. It helps to absorb pain-inducing shock at its originating source, and thus eliminates the chances of pain propagation that might affect other areas as well. It reduces tiredness caused by running, regular work, sports, and even when standing for long hours. Anti-slip and sweat absorption, keep your foot long lasting comfort

The Insoles are available in different sizes and are embossed with cutting guide lines which makes it easy to cut insoles according to the actual length of your shoes. These makes the insoles suitable for many kinds of shoes. Embossed with cutting guide lines, suitable for many kinds of shoes

We offer you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked, so Add to cart NOW and enjoy comfortable feet all the time. Many people even report relief from ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, and lower back pain due to use of these insoles.


The fast pacing lifestyle has almost made people forget about their health. The stress or work and studies have also effected the physical and mental health of the people. Those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle by working out or playing sports or even those who are professionally involved in athletics, often face issues like foot ache. To help you out with such an issues soft shoe insoles are now being introduced by many different companies. 

Soft shoe insole can be made any of the materials: soft memory form and gel, valorous fabric or PE film. The insoles allows the user to walk, exercise and jog with ease, without stressing or hurting their feet. The insoles made of memory form rebounces within two seconds. This allows the user to move without stress. The high elastic material used in these insoles converts the impact into the kinetic energy hence helping the user to run with ease without hurting their feet. 

The insoles are available in different sizes. Also they have curves of different lengths that can be cut in order to fit the proper size of the shoe. Different sizes for men and women are available. The insoles includes valorous fabric that absorbs sweat and keeps away odor from the feet. The honey comb designs allows better grip. 

A few suggestions regarding the use of insoles are: 

• Keep your shoes dry 
• Remove the original sole of the shoe before putting the soft insole 
• Try to buy two pairs for alternate use 
• Put the insoles in a ventilating place to keep them dry and fresh.

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