Footinsole Tailor's Bunion Spacers (4 pcs) Pads for Pain Relief, Cushioning and Protection –Silicon Pads


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[Product Overview]

• Quantity : 4 Pieces 2 pair(right+left) 

• Material : SiIicone Gel

• Color : Invisible

• Size : Free size

[About the product]


This smart toe orthotic lets you tackle a bunionette, a protuberance at the joint of the fifth toe (smallest one), smartly and helps regain the original alignment. In majority of the cases, a solution to Tailor’s Bunion can be found using this non-invasive solution, and in many cases it can also help prevent the Bunionette even from developing.


Our Bunionette pad helps relieve the excessive pressure that’s being exerted/developed at the joint due to the formation of the Bunionette and helps the fifth metatarsal, i.e., the bone of the smallest toe. The tailor’s bunion pad ensures effective cushioning, protection and soothing of the otherwise troublesome Bunionette and helps you get back to your work without the need to sit idle and suffer from pain every day.


Our tailor’s bunion pad also reduces the friction and prevents the formation of calluses and corns which might occur due to continuous use of very narrow shoes. Not only this, it also protects the Bunionette from knocking or bumping and thus is an absolute must for anyone with slightest symptoms of it. These come in a set of 4 pieces, i.e., 2 pairs, to let you use one for formals, one for sports shoes and so on.


These incredible tailor’s bunion pads are made up of medical-grade silicone that is extremely soft and comfortable, and firmly holds in place (still we recommend using these with snug fit socks). The superior quality material ensures that there is no itching, irritation or annoyance, and despite wearing it all day long you do not feel any inconvenience.


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure you will be extremely glad that you found this non-invasive smart solution for your Bunionette before opting for any surgery, and especially when it will effectively alleviate pain. This will help you a lot but to help yourselves even more, you must kindly stop wearing the narrow uncomfortable shoes.

Have you been seriously getting troubled by a Bunionette, a bump in the tiny little toe and have been wondering how to get rid of it or at least get rid of the pain so that you could focus on work?

Are you looking for a non-surgical, non-invasive way of tackling the tailor’s bunion?

Well, we have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many incredible features and benefits:

- Helps relieve unwanted pressure caused by Bunionette at the joint and prevents formation of callus
- Relief from unwanted pressure results in effective relief from pain 
- Helps realign your fifth toe metatarsal 
- Cushions, protects and soothes painful Bunionette 
- Prevents knocking and bumping of the Bunionette
- Helps prevent any further injury due to uneven pressure distribution
- Made up of superior quality medical grade silicon
- Minimal friction to prevent any rubbing or abrasion 
- Hypoallergenic – causes no itching, irritation or annoyance
- Comes in a pair of 2, i.e., 4 pieces


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. 

So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW and get these incredible Tailor’s Bunion Pads – get pain out of your life!

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